Authentic Jersey Flavor

“Baldinos is on a roll (freshly baked, at that).”

Bill Baer grew up on ‘The Jersey Shore’ outside Ft Monmouth, and Subs were a regular meal. After earning a Business degree in college and joining the USMC, Baer was stationed in NC and could not find a sandwich anywhere like the Subs from home – and a business plan was born:

The baldinos concept was initially intended to serve military markets throughout the Southeast. In 1975, the first baldinos GIANT JERSEY SUBS shop outside Ft. Bragg, NC. After 3 shops were operating outside Ft Bragg and Camp Lejeune, NC, in 1977, they moved into Georgia with a shop outside Ft Stewart. In the mid 1980’s Baer franchised baldinos for 3 years and opened shops outside the Hunter AAF base in Savannah, Robbins AFB, Ft. Gordon in Augusta and Charleston NAS before the base closures began.

“Each sub is sliced fresh and prepared in full view of our customers.”

In 1991, we moved to Atlanta and opened in a traditional commercial market and have been overwhelmed with the popularity of our subs. We opened one more shop in the Atlanta market in 1997 and have been so busy for the past 15 years that I chose not to expand the concept – until now. During our brief period of franchising baldinos, we had a contract for development of the Jacksonville, FL market, but when we stopped franchising, I had to terminate that agreement. We have always thought that Jacksonville would be a great market for our product and we are excited to kick-off our new franchising program here. We are currently in an Area Development Agreement for the Jacksonville market and I have every confidence that our new partners will grow the brand. We have been around for almost 40 years because our product is strong and our value is great. If we can get you in, we’ll keep you coming back.

“When we’re hot, we’re hot.”

baldinos offers a host of cold and hot subs served on freshly baked rolls. Their cold cut subs are sliced fresh as ordered and the hot subs are hot off the grill. The menu has a huge variety consisting of Italian and American combination subs, Boar’s Head turkey, roast beef, grilled chicken, Italian sausage and cheesesteak subs. baldinos also serves soups, salads and pasta.